Want to launch a business?
  Looking to launch a business or personal brand? Entrepreneurship has been one of the most rewarding, exciting adventures of my life. Starting a business also been one of the most stressful, uncertain, confusing things I have ever done. I started before I was ready (which it turns out was […]

Want to launch a business? Start here.

What to do when a student walks out on your yoga class
  You planned a dreamy yoga class from opening om to closing savasana. You found a philosophical reading passage to match the theme of your class. Gemstones were arranged and incense were burned. Students begin to happily stroll into the studio and gather their props for class. Before long you […]

What to do when someone walks out on your class

Yoga for world peace
  My teacher often says, “Some people practice yoga to be more flexible, others practice yoga to build strength, and others practice yoga to become more enlightened. I practice yoga for world peace.”   I’ve never asked her what exactly she means by this, and I don’t intend to. I […]

How-To Practice Yoga for World Peace

My Divine Muse - Iris
  Today, I’m bringing you a poem. Below are the my musings about a certain floral muse. The iris, vibrant and regal, inspired this little poetic nugget about an alluring, divine muse. Enjoy!     My Divine Muse   My Love, You are the reason I know bliss, Regal, seductive, […]

My Divine Muse – Exploring the beauty of the iris.

4 simple steps for self-study
  When looking to access your full potential and service to the world, yoga has so much to offer. One aspect of yoga that can be particularly helpful are the niyamas. The niyamas are observances or practices that support and maintain a positive internal environment. The niyama that we’re working […]

4 Simple Practices to Access Your Full Potential

The one thing I refuse to do
  I haven’t always been a woman with firm boundaries. In fact, I’m still working on it. Over the years, I’ve realized how wildly important it is to set boundaries in our lives and stand by them. I used to think that boundaries were created to close off, shut down, […]

The one thing I refuse to do…

4 Ways to start living like a queen
  You are magnificent. From head to toe, from heart to soul, you are a goddess worthy of love. By hiding, shying away, and trying to simply blend in you are doing the entire world a disservice. We need you. We need you to show up, to be bold, to […]

4 Ways to Start Living Like a Queen

How I chose to rise up
  Many of you know me as the bubbly, playful, pleasantly snarky voice behind Body Love Tribe. You know me as a powerful woman who is bold in her convictions and, as many readers have put it, “wise beyond her years.”   The truth is that I am not wise […]

How I chose to rise up from the woman I ...

Fancy-Looking Yoga Postures Don't Matter
  It’s Monday evening and you’re dragging your tired butt to yoga class. You desperately need to take some time for self-care. Thirty minutes into class the teacher cues you into some crazy-looking arm balance. You struggle in and out of the posture, maybe you even take a nose-dive and […]

Fancy-Looking Yoga Postures Don’t Matter. Here’s why…

Journaling and meditation - do I have to
  Journaling and meditation, do I have to?! I hear this question from clients all the time. The short answer, no. The long answer – yes, but not in the way that you think.   I get it, I resisted these practices, too, when I first began inviting mindfulness into […]

Journaling and Meditation – Do I have to?!