MC Yogi Spiritual Graffiti
  Standing there, in a room full of yogis wiggling their hips and swaying their hands, I was overcome with pure joy. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing, right there in the middle of a yoga workshop. Our teacher was wearing jeans and sneakers and was splitting his time between […]

MC Yogi, Spiritual Graffiti, & Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Meditation - Radiance Sutras - Brandy Oswald
  “Bliss is a necessary foundation for yoga practice… Bliss is nourishing, and it suffuses, lubricates, and coats the nerves with the deep pleasure of existence. When you find bliss, notice and welcome it. Do not let anyone tell you that feeling pure joy is not a serious meditation practice. […]

Meditation not working? Try this instead…

Want to launch a business?
  Looking to launch a business or personal brand? Entrepreneurship has been one of the most rewarding, exciting adventures of my life. Starting a business also been one of the most stressful, uncertain, confusing things I have ever done. I started before I was ready (which it turns out was […]

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What to do when a student walks out on your yoga class
  You planned a dreamy yoga class from opening om to closing savasana. You found a philosophical reading passage to match the theme of your class. Gemstones were arranged and incense were burned. Students begin to happily stroll into the studio and gather their props for class. Before long you […]

What to do when someone walks out on your class

Yoga for world peace
  My teacher often says, “Some people practice yoga to be more flexible, others practice yoga to build strength, and others practice yoga to become more enlightened. I practice yoga for world peace.”   I’ve never asked her what exactly she means by this, and I don’t intend to. I […]

How-To Practice Yoga for World Peace

My Divine Muse - Iris
  Today, I’m bringing you a poem. Below are the my musings about a certain floral muse. The iris, vibrant and regal, inspired this little poetic nugget about an alluring, divine muse. Enjoy!     My Divine Muse   My Love, You are the reason I know bliss, Regal, seductive, […]

My Divine Muse – Exploring the beauty of the iris.