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Hello Beautiful,

I’m a playfully badass traveling yoga instructor, body positive activist, and writer. I love handstands, the Oxford comma, and helping others experience more joy in their lives. I’m a small woman with a big voice. I stand up for what I believe in and encourage others to do the same. I am here to challenge you to rise – and I hope that you will do the same for me.
My deepest desire is to bring love and joy into the lives of others – and, in doing so, to make the world, itself, a bit more loving and joyful. The reason why I teach yoga is so beautifully summed up in Swami Satchidananda’s translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. When asked why he teaches yoga to his students in the way that he does he says, “I feel happy and they all feel happy being there, so they make me happy and I make them happy. We just spend a little happy time together, that’s all.”

I teach yoga because it makes me happy to make you happy. It brings me joy to bring you joy.

I’m not that concerned with teaching you how to do a perfect backbend or offering intricate alignment cues. In fact, the postures don’t matter all that much to me on their own. What matters to me is that you use yoga as another opportunity to experience joy, that you do what feels good and allows you to have fun in your life because when you are feeling good and having fun you are better able to help those around you feel good and have fun, too. You are better able to bring love and joy into the lives of others. You are more likely to smile at the cashier at the grocery store. You are more likely to wave and smile in traffic instead of flash your middle finger and shout. By practicing yoga and doing something that allows you to feel good, you are able to interact with all the people you come across from a place of ease and joy rather than a place of stress and fear. You get to infuse the lives of all of those that you come across with love and joy. And that, my friends, is how – simply by practicing yoga – we are changing the world.
Yoga is so much more than just a series of postures or stretches that we do on our mats. In my drop-in classes, workshops, and retreats I offer insights into the deeper practices of yoga and the many ways to live your yoga on and off the mat. My classes are less soft, quiet voices and raindrop soundtracks and waaaayyy more playful laughter and funky, fun music. We wiggle. We giggle. We flow and meditate. We fall over. We stand on our heads. We take naps. And, no matter what we’re doing, we’re always having a damn good time doing it!



What I do:

  • Teach public, private, and workplace yoga classes weekly in Burlington, VT. Get the details here.
  • Host awesome retreats (like this one!) and great workshops (like these!).
  • Present at events and host workshops for yoga retreats, body image and eating disorder awareness events, schools, community groups, and more. Tell me more.
  • Coach women on developing positive body image and improving their relationships to their bodies. Learn more here.
  • Serve as Founder and CEO of Body Love Tribe.
  • Write for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Bad Yogi, & more.


The nitty gritty:

Brandy is a 500 hr E-RYT in ashtanga and vinyasa yoga from renowned ashtanga yogi Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont. She has studied with legendary ashtanga vinyasa instructors including David Williams and Clifford Sweatte. Brandy has also completed the WellCoaches health coach training course and the Eat Breathe Thrive Level 1 workshop that trains instructors to use the practices of yoga to help support those struggling with body image and eating disorders.
Brandy has been a featured instructor for many yoga festivals, conferences, and eating disorder awareness events. She is also a long-standing community partner of the Wanderlust Stratton Yoga and Music Festival. Her written work has been featured by Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Bad Yogi, and more.
Practice with Brandy weekly for drop-in classes at Sangha Studio in Burlington, VT, or book Brandy for your own private lesson, event, or yoga festival.