Body Love Tribe

Body Love Tribe with Brandy Oswald
What if we chose to celebrate our bodies exactly as they are in this moment? What if we decided to finally accept our bodies as unique and beautiful? What if we decided to prioritize letting go, feeling good, and having a damn good time in our bodies?

This is what Body Love Tribe is all about.

Brandy created Body Love Tribe to empower women to celebrate their beautiful bodies exactly as they are, without changing a damn thing. Since its inception in early 2016, Body Love Tribe has rapidly grown into a community of women from around the world challenging cultural norms and what it means to have a beautiful body.
Through her coaching programs, retreats, featured events, and Body Love Tribe Blog, Brandy works with women of all ages to develop tools for letting go of negative self-image and falling madly in love with their bodies. All Body Love Tribe offerings facilitate connection and community, creating female support groups for embracing our bodies and having a damn good time in them.
The work of Body Love Tribe was inspired by Brandy’s personal journey from the darkness of an eating disorder and cancer to her sparkle-filled life as a Body Positive Activist, Writer, Yoga Instructor, and Entrepreneur. Learn more about Brandy’s body love journey here.

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