Love Your Body: Yoga & Intention Setting

Saturday, January 20th
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Sangha Studio North

237 North Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT


FREE! *This event is a part of Sangha Studio’s open house.
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Do you usually kick off the new year with weight loss resolutions that never see Valentine’s Day? Or feeling sluggish and out-of-shape from all the holiday cookies? Let’s make this year different. Let’s have the best year ever!
The new year is when we tend to adopt idealistic resolutions of falling in love with our bodies through restrictive diets and workouts that we dread. Our resolutions only last a few weeks because, let’s face it, they’re soooo not fun. Then, we’re left feeling defeated and self-conscious.
Instead of resolutions and restrictive diets this year, it’s time to experience more joy and confidence in your body. In this workshop, you will move through a series of practices to release resolutions and get clear on how you desire to feel in your body. You will learn how to set soulful intentions and design a plan of action to feel exactly how you want to feel in and about your body this year. Together we will flow through a freeing, feel good yoga flow class to shake, soothe, and celebrate our bodies as we usher in the new year!


chanting mantras and meditation

Saturday, Jan. 27th
6:00-7:30 PM

Balance Yoga, 840 West Main St.
Richmond, VT


$20 pre-register, $25 day of event
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Curious about chanting and mantras and how to incorporate them into your own yoga and meditation practice? Join me for an evening of guided group chanting, mantra exploration, and how to use these practices for deeper meditation and relaxation. Learn the meaning behind the sacred sound of “om”, how to use a mala (and your hand!) to count mantra, and how to use mantras and chants to facilitate more focused meditation. We’ll chant for world peace, to overcome obstacles, and to connect to the purest essence of sound. No experience necessary. Beginners encouraged.
Inversions 101

Sunday, Nov. 19th
1:30-3:30 PM

Sangha Studio, 120 Pine St.
Burlington, VT


Suggested Donation: $15 members, $20 non-members
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A playful exploration of handstand, headstand, & forearm stand with Sangha Studio’s very own Brandy Oswald – an ashtanga vinyasa yoga instructor with a not-so-secret love for flipping upside down.

Together we will explore safe technique and strengthening exercises that will set us for stronger, more stable inversions. Everyone will have the option to play with full handstand, headstand, & forearm stand, however there will be plenty of options and modifications for those interested in building strength, or those new to yoga inversions.

All levels welcome. Fancy-looking handstand selfies on the beach – not necessary. Joy, laughter, & fun – guaranteed!


Recent Events


Yoga with Brandy Oswald

Body Love Yoga
Saturday 3:30-5pm
VT Be True Yoga Festival

Love your body. Shake your booty.
This upbeat yoga flow workshop will shake up your body and infuse your day with joyful
self-love. We will prioritize letting go, feeling good, and having fun in our bodies. Expect an
upbeat yoga flow sequence, funky-fun music, and options to dance and wiggle in your beautiful
bod. It’s time to celebrate your body exactly as it is, without changing a thing!
Booty shaking, optional. Smiles and laughs, encouraged. Joy, guaranteed.

Love Your Body – Today, Tomorrow, & Every Day
Saturday 9-10:30am
VT Be True Yoga Festival

Restore, and soften in this self-love inspired writing, meditation, and slow flow yoga workshop.
To love your body, you have feel good in it – but what does it mean to feel good? Through a
guided writing practice, slow flow yoga sequence, and guided meditation we will explore what it
means to truly feel good in our beautiful bodies. We will also create personalized intentions to
help us pursue our feel good on and off the mat, so that we may love our bodies today, tomorrow, and every day.

8 limbs of yoga - yoga sutras of patanjali

Friday, June 30th

Sangha Studio PINE, 120 Pine St., Burlington, VT
Suggested Donation: $10 members, $15 non-members

Advanced registration encouraged! Sign-up here.

Yoga is much more than a series of postures on your yoga mat. Join Brandy Oswald, experienced ashtanga yoga instructor, for an evening of yoga philosophy, discussion, breath work, a gentle yoga flow practice, and guided meditation. Explore all 8 limbs of yoga as outlined in the ancient yogic text The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and learn strategies for incorporating the 8 limbs into your yoga practice and daily life. Please bring a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes. Beginners welcome.
Expect to explore:
– The yamas & niyamas – yogic morals and values
– Asanas – physical yoga postures
– Pranayama – breath practices
– The varying stages of meditation

Body Love Essentials

Body Love Essentials

Sunday, May 7th from 4-6pm
Sangha Studio
Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe and Caitlin Downey are back for another special self-love workshop to explore, nurture, and honor your body! We will discuss how to use essential oils for positive body image and self-love, craft our own essential oil products (to take home!), and flow through a body love inspired yoga flow class, highlighting essential practices for self-love along the way.
What to expect:
– An understanding of how essential oils work to promote body love
– Hands-on oil exploration & take home oil blends
– A self-love inspired yoga flow class featuring essential practices for body love
– A closing meditation with chanting by Brandy
– Chocolate, tea, & Body Love Notes

Body Love Buti

Sunday, March 26th from 12-2:30pm

Sangha Studio, 120 Pine St., Burlington, VT
Love your body. Shake your buti.
Join Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe and Caitlin Downey, Buti Yoga Instructor, for a special self-love workshop to shake, shine, and soothe your body.

What you’ll get:

– Clarity on what brings you joy and makes you feel good
– Buti Yoga – to let go, feel good, & have fun in your body
– Restorative Flow – to nurture, soothe, & restore
– A plan of action to prioritize feeling good in your body
– Closing meditation and chants
– Chocolate, tea, essential oils, & Body Love Notes