Yoga with Brandy Oswald
Interested in some funky, fun yoga? You’ve come to the right place. My yoga classes and workshops are rooted in traditional asanas (aka yoga postures) with a playful twist. With every class I promote letting go, feeling good, and having a damn good time in our bodies. You can expect fun and funky jamz, laughter, and adventure in each and every class.
What you won’t find is a music-less studio or a teacher banging on a gong or singing bowl. That’s great, it’s just not me. In fact, you also won’t find a serious, stoic atmosphere with alignment cues flying left and right.
What you will find is joy, pure freaking joy. I’m less worried about forcing your body into the traditional alignment of the postures, and more concerned with you feeling good and having fun in your body.

What do you say – Are you ready to have a funky good time?

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